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  • McKenna Pomory

“Clubbing” at the Mount

On Sept. 2, students and staff gathered in the Peace Plaza to attend the annual Block Party as part of the 2021 Weeks Welcome. From 4 to 7 p.m. Members of various clubs and organizations promoted their extracurricular activities to the attendees. Organized by the Center for Student Involvement and Belonging, the Block Party’s main goal is to help students enrich their Mount experience by getting involved in the community.

One of the best ways to do that is by joining a club or organization offered at the Mount. “Becoming a member of a club gives you a sense of individuality, but with people who celebrate being a part of something,” stated Madison Williams (C’23), a member of the Black Student Union. Individuals get the opportunity to become better students, form long-lasting relationships and connect more to the Mount community with people who share their similar interests. Williams believes that it allows students to express who they are and gives them a chance to learn about different interests that allow other people to express themselves.

In addition to helping individuals find people who share similar passions and interests, clubs are beneficial to students because they help build necessary life skills. Different clubs are going to help students with their majors or even their communication skills, according to a National Society for Leadership Success member, Ryen Kump (C’22). “The NSLS has helped me to grow my leadership skills and build me a solid connection with a bunch of people at the Mount that I feel like I can rely on and look back to for future hardships,” stated Kump.

After spending more than a year in lockdown, the transition back into campus life can be difficult. However, getting involved with the Mount community and with people who share your interests can help make the transition smoother for students who are not accustomed to campus life yet.

“Clubs can be beneficial for students because they get to meet people in the same grade and same fields,” remarked Janelle Ramroop (C’23). Such associations, according to her, can help students when they are brand new to campus that can be stressful and overwhelming at times. “Surrounding yourself with people who are experiencing something similar is comforting,” added Ramroop, who is reviving the Creative Writing Club for the 2021-2022 year.

The Mount offers over 70 clubs and organizations with a wide variety of interests. For a complete list of clubs, please see Get Involved | Mount St. Mary's University (


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