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  • Abigail Zinzi

Centuries Old Connection Through the Mount

Abigail Zinzi

John Singleton (C’86) has never lost his spark of Mount St. Mary’s pride. Singleton is the author of a new book about the Mount called “The Meaning of Mount St. Mary’s.” The book is filled with lots of art and beautiful pictures of our mountain home. Rather than it being an academic book, it is a storybook intended to inspire those involved with the Mount to appreciate its rich history. 

 Singleton raved over the fact that “the Mount has an awesome and under-explored history--men and women who overcame the odds to establish a stronghold for religious freedom.”

His inspiration to put these stories in one place came from his intention to honor the University, his alma mater. “We’re the first college in the U.S. named for a woman.  We’re also the first Catholic college named for the Mother of God, but taking credit isn’t a Marian quality.  It’s our job to make Mary’s greatness known.”

Current Mount students are connected to all the Mount students who have come before them through Mary. Singleton enthused, “Mary’s mountain is there for everyone.  It’s a wilderness rite-of-passage in their own backyard.  Do you want life to be an adventure? Go climb the mountain!  Instead of staring at a screen, take your imagination for a walk and see a thousand shades of green.” One aspect of the Mount that is most sacred is that “we are truly a unique institution.


Students are part of a family.  Not a number.  From the day you enter the Mount, you will never be alone.  We have a strong culture. The Mount’s liberal arts curriculum is a powerful counter-programing tool in a world that wants to make you into a cog in a machine." According to him, the Mount is a special place where the community is strong, unlike many other institutions.

Singleton’s book in the community can help answer the questions that students often ask, such as  “why am I here?”  He helped answer the question by providing examples of great innovators who attended the Mount.

“If you study education or business you can read about the trailblazers and innovators of Catholic education.  If you study music or art, you can feel connected to the early American composers and artists that are part of our history. If you take classes in philosophy, theology, literature or history you will find that the Mount has a reputation for sticking up for the little guy. Fearlessly.” 

The Meaning of Mount St. Mary’s is available at the Mount Bookstore at the link below:


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Mar 15

J.M.J. Thank you for your article, Abigail. To learn about Mary, the Mother of God, and her influence is always such a joy.

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