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  • Eleanor Fisher

Career Center's Newest Hires

One of the Career Center's newest hires is Administrative Assistant Emily Sharp. Sharp has been working at the Career Center since Sept. 2021.

When discussing her personal life, Sharp said that traveling is one of her favorite things to do. She has been to London, Rome, Paris, Canada and Mexico, and would like to travel more. She has recently begun gardening and some of her other hobbies include playing the guitar and singing. She also mentioned her love of organizing and said, "if [I had] a dream job, [I would be] a professional organizer."

Professionally, Sharp began her journey at Towson University as an Early Childhood Education major. She then taught at a private school for five years while simultaneously working as a public librarian. After taking an eight-year break from the workforce to raise her three sons, Sharp returned to the education field as a teacher's assistant in an elementary school. "When I found out about this job [at Mount St. Mary’s University’s Career Center], I was really excited because it's education, but in a different capacity working with older students, and I'm really liking it," she stated.

Networking was key for Sharp in obtaining her current position. She learned about the job through a friend at the Mount and was able to send her application materials to her friend for consideration. Sharp felt that the Mount was just the right fit for her, and this was affirmed by the welcoming attitude of the Career Center staff. Currently, students coming into the Career Center can turn to her for help with needs like scheduling appointments, navigating Handshake and finding the right resources.

Sharp's favorite part of being at the Mount so far has been what she calls "the Mount atmosphere." She stated, "It's just so welcoming... the community, the values that are here. I feel like everybody has their individual goals that they're working towards...but there's... an unspoken unity that everybody's working towards the same goal. It's a higher purpose, almost."

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and winter break, Sharp said that she is most thankful for her family and that her favorite Thanksgiving food is apple pie a la mode. She plans to spend her winter break traveling with her family to the Poconos, Disney World and Knott's Berry Farm.

To students considering attending the Career Center, Sharp stated, "There are no dumb one should be worried about 'can we help you,' it's more like, 'how can we help you?' One student's experience at the Career Center isn't going to be the same as another student's experience at the Career Center, but [our team is] going to be helping [each] student reach...their own career goals."


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