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Career Center is Ready to Help Seniors

As the spring semester draws to a close, time has come for seniors to intently consider job prospects and contemplate where their future lies beyond the Mount campus. For many, this can be a stressful time as it is the closing of one chapter and the starting of a new, uncharted one. In addition to the newness that comes with any job search while finishing up college, the class of 2021 is also navigating its job search in the midst of COVID-19. The process is no longer what it once was with interviews over Zoom and all of the new protocols that are in place with new pandemic restrictions. However, even with these new mandates and challenges that may be making the process seem more complicated, the Career Center is here to help them finish strong and ensure that they are ready for their future after college.

The Career Center is here to support any senior as they are finalizing their job or graduate school plans. There are several tools that the Career Center is currently offering and promoting. Resume workshops are held to ensure resumes are picture perfect for those important application and interview processes. There are also LinkedIn workshops to get students’ names out into the workforce and help them make connections that will lead to their dream jobs. In addition to different workshops, virtual and walk-in appointments are also available. One-on-one meetings are great for seniors who want to discuss possible job offers, any concerns that they might have regarding post-college life or any other advice that they may be seeking as commencement draws closer.

As seniors prepare to accept their job offers and move out from their mountain home, below are some other helpful pieces of advice for their future careers.

  1. Never be afraid to ask questions while on the job.

  2. Always look for the best parts of the job.

  3. Never quell your ambitions and always be pushing forward.

By keeping these points in mind for their future job, soon-to-be graduates are guaranteed to progress in the workforce and find fulfillment and happiness in employment.

As graduation inches closer, seniors are experiencing a lot of their lasts. However, the Career Center and all of its services will always be at their fingertips even after graduation. The Center is here to help with anything that is needed during this crucial time or even after college.

If you have any questions about the job search, resumes or anything else, we welcome Zoom appointments and walk-ins. Visit our website for contact details.


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