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  • Meghan Leavitt

Bowling Coach Steps Down

Meghan Leavitt

Mount St. Mary’s bowling coach has officially stepped down to pursue a different career in athletic administration. Kenneth Degraaf has been the head coach of the bowling team here at the Mount since 2018.

People within the athletic department have wished coach Degraaf the best for the future and have thanked him for his commitment towards the bowling team and the accomplishments he has achieved throughout the years.

While Degraaf has made many accomplishments here at the Mount, the overall announcement of his departure was quite a surprise to the girls on the team. Gianna McGahan (C’26) said “It definitely came as a surprise to all of us”. With the surprise to all the girls on the team they are hoping to find a coach in time for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.

McGahan also said, “It would be wrong of me to say that coach didn’t help build program from the bottom up. Personally, I came into the Mount with little bowling experience and knowledge and feel that I now am a completely different bowler thanks to him. Although it is unfortunate to see him go, he has a great job opportunity at his new job and I wish him the best!”

Alyssa Balest (C’27) said, “I am certainly shocked by coach leaving, but I know the future of this program is bright.” Overall, when speaking to some of the girls on the team they seen to be optimistic about the future of the program.

Balest made a statement regarding Degraaf’s commitment and passion to the team. “His passion for his program will be missed. My hope for the new coach would be that they have the same passion if not more.” she said.

Overall, coach Degraaf has seemed to leave an impactful legacy here at the Mount. He led the bowling team with a winning percentage of 670. This means that 427 games were won and 214 were lost.


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