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  • Dominic Wilkinson

Blessings: Peace of Mind for Entire Semester

Last fall, on the last two Tuesdays

and Thursdays of September, the

Office of the University Chaplain

with the Office of Residential Life

and Deacons from the Mount’s Seminary

have worked together to organize the

blessings of rooms in the residence halls

on campus. These blessings are for everyone, not only Catholic students on campus and they help bring love and peace,

among many other things.

In an interview with University Chaplain Father Martin Moran, he stated that

room blessings have been a Mount tradition for over 20 years. In Moran’s words,

the blessings “invoke the holy spirit” for

the new semester, promoting growth in

family and a sense of community.

McCaffrey RA McKenna Snow, a senior

at the Mount, was asked by Residence Life

to assist with the room blessings in McCaffrey Hall. She helped two deacons, men in their last year of seminary before being

ordained as priests, around the halls who

administered the blessings. Snow had her

room blessed for the first time this year,

describing it as a “beautiful experience.”

Snow said her blessing was to make her

room a place of “community and relationship building,” like Fr. Moran described.

The blessing was also meant to make the

room “a place to build your character,” a

place to display chastity and temperance.

What room could build more character

than the one you write endless papers

throughout the year in?

Caitlin Besche, Administrative Assistant for Campus Ministry and Alumni of

the Mount, remembers what it was like

when her room was blessed. Besche ex- pressed the peace of mind the blessing

brought her, that it gave her “permission

to begin existing in peace.” The fall semester is a trying time, the transition from

summer break to jumping straight into

classes, sports, clubs and goodness knows

what else is difficult and stress causing.

What better than a room blessing to relieve some of that anxiety?

The room blessings are not reserved

for Catholic students only, Fr. Mo- ran stressed that they are for all students. Catholic, Christian, or non-religious, blessings are for all. Blessings

are traditionally a Catholic practice, but

Christian first-year student Chad Bangs

stated that the blessings are a “great way

for people to connect to their colleges spiritually.” A sense of community is found in this when different opinions and lifestyles can come together to promote understanding and peace.

Blessings serve as a bridge between

faith and academics at the Mount. To

quote our mission statement, “Mount St.

Mary’s graduates ethical leaders who are

inspired by a passion for learning and

lead lives of significance in service to God

and others,” and room blessings can help

achieve this statement. From the peace it

can bring to the lifestyle it promotes, it can

help us all lead lives of significance.


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