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  • Emily Cowan

Bingo on Campus

On Sept. 24, at the Palmieri Activities Center, Jordana Lain (C’24) and Olvia Smeltzer (C’24), along with the help of the other members of the Activities Management Program, held the first Bingo Night of the year. The event was held from 6 to 8 p.m. and was anticipated throughout campus.

It takes about two or three weeks to plan the event in order to think about what kinds of prizes to pick for the students. AMP needs to consider what the students would like and with the different COVID-19 restrictions planning includes seating arrangements to ensure it is safe for everyone.

Bingo Night is an event many students look forward to. Lain mentioned that it is “kind of crazy” how many college students really get into bingo because she “would never expect that,” but she believes free prizes play a role in it.

When each student came, they showed an AMP member their student ID and then their name was checked off a list. They were then handed a stack of bingo sheets and got to pick their dabber from the tub. The numbers called were projected on every screen in the PAC to ensure that no students missed any of the numbers called.

When a student announced that they had bingo and AMP leader would come and check their bingo sheet to confirm. The winner would then go to the front and pick up a cone that would read what prize they won on the bottom to randomize the prizes.

There were 20 rounds. The first 19 were standard games where the winner only had to get five numbers in a row. The final game, however, required the entire board to be filled.

Many of the students tied throughout the night leading to two students having to play rock paper scissors to determine the winner. A few students were able to be written onto the list even though they had not initially been able to purchase tickets. The winner of the pickleball set, Rachel Perine (C’25), was able to join at the last minute and even missed the first two rounds of the game. Perine had never played bingo before and found it to be “really fun” and she plans on giving her prize to her dad for his birthday.

Lain said that while she cannot say exactly how many bingos AMP will be able to hold this year because “COVID can change anything at any moment” but they hope to throw more of the nights this school year.

The students that showed up had a great time and are looking forward to future games and prizes. The long-awaited Bingo Night was a great way to start the weekend and got everyone excited for the other events the Mount held throughout the rest of the weekend including the Carnival Night and the return of CJ’s Takeout and Late Nite Bite.


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