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  • Joanna Kreke

Anne Frederick Selected for Summer Enrichment Program

When Anne Frederick (C’22) studied abroad in Florence, Italy last spring, wanting to go into international affairs was not on her mind. Then Italy shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and every student on the trip was stuck in a foreign country thousands of miles away from home.

“I was clued into international cooperation,” stated Frederick. “We had to deal with consulates and embassies [in order to get home]. It was interesting to see how countries worked together.” She described what it was like coming home afterward. “I wanted to be a part of international affairs.”

Frederick then found the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program on the U.S. Department of State’s website and discovered the Summer Enrichment Program which is offered to undergraduates.

“They take those who need the investment, those who are interested in [international affairs] and want to learn about it.” Through this program, Frederick will be taking writing seminars that teach how to present yourself.

“It was a very short application, but I spent a lot of time on it,” she shared. “There was a résumé portion, but they gave us a clue in a session that you should connect everything to international affairs. There is also a personal statement section which is where you can shine through with your personality and story… They want to know your language proficiency, travel history and your classes for the following semester. They also want your ID and recommendations from three sources.”

She described how she connected her experience as a waitress to her application. As a waitress, you have to smooth over disagreements and continuously keep the peace in situations. You are not allowed to blow up at customers. Frederick began waitressing as a means to pay for professional attire, train tickets and food as a Congressional intern at the age of 16.

Frederick said she has always been interested in political science and begged the district office to “take a chance on [her].” She didn’t have much experience, but she knew she wanted to do this. Later she interned for Andy Harris, the Representative of her district and the only Republican. After working in the district office, she described it as being “less political and more outreach.” The D.C. office was more political.

She also worked with Christian Miele, the Deputy Secretary for Maryland’s Department of Disabilities as his Campaign Field Director. “He’s one of the only politicians I fully got behind.” Miele acted as one of her recommenders for the application to the enrichment program.

Her other recommenders included Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Richard Buck and Associate Professor of Economics Dr. Alejandro Canadas. Canadas organized the study abroad trip to Florence and has taught Frederick in three different courses.

Frederick chose Canadas because he led the study abroad trip which gave him a perspective of who she was rather than just a professor she would see in a classroom. “It’s hard to recommend someone you don’t know,” Canadas said. He explained how it is about the relationship you build with the student both inside and outside the classroom.

“She’s a great student and a great person,” Canadas stated. “She works very hard in every class… she understands the importance of the curriculum of the Mount.” He added how important it was for students to understand the interconnection between courses like Philosophy, History, Business and Science. “That’s why I think she’s very successful; that is the product of the Mount.”

Even though it was very competitive, Frederick knew she worked hard for it and encouraged other students to apply. She is very excited about the Summer Enrichment Program and can’t wait to further her education in international affairs.


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