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An Invaluable Experience: My Time as Career Center Writing Intern!

As the spring 2021 semester is drawing to a close, I wanted to take time to write about the amazing opportunity I had as the Career Center Writing Intern. It has been an honor to write for the Career Center and to be able to share with the student body all of the resources that it offers. This opportunity has not only improved my skills as a writer but has helped me to feel more prepared going into my junior year knowing about the ways the Career Center will prepare me for the job search I will soon be beginning. This internship has taught me many valuable lessons, two of which I would like to discuss in this article.

Going into this internship, I had limited knowledge of all the resources that the Career Center had to offer to students. The resource that I have found to be the most beneficial to learn about is how certain majors require internships and can be done for credit. The internship process seemed extremely daunting to me, as I am sure it seems to many students, before I was able to sit down with the Career Center staff. After my discussion, I better understood everything that goes into applying for, registering and completing an internship. I felt that it was very important that I express this to the school community through one of my articles and hope that it has helped all of you as much as it has helped me.

Another important lesson I have learned while taking part in this internship is how involved the Mount is in the lives of its students, both while they are here and after graduation. The counselors who work in the Career Center are constantly available and willing to work with students toward any career aspirations they have or any questions they have about their future. This is such an important resource to have because it ensures that all students are prepared to lead lives of significance following their time at the Mount. This support is even available for Mount students after graduation as the Career Center is still a resource that can be used by students even after they have left the halls of Mount St. Mary’s.

My time as the Career Center Writing Intern may be coming to an end, but I will continue to use all of the skills that I have learned about through this internship. It has been a pleasure being able to bring information about the Career Center and the job search in general to the Mount community. I look forward to continuing to be of service to all the students on the Mount campus.


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