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  • Emily Cowan

AMP Brings Back Casino Night

Photo Credit: Paige Moseley

On Oct. 15, the Activities Management Program held a Casino Night at the Palmieri Activities Center or the PAC, from 8 to 11 p.m. This event has not been able to occur since 2019 due to COVID-19. This annual event took about a month to plan.

Each AMP event is usually run by two people minimum unless they are holding a larger scale event than it is about three AMP members. The AMP members that worked at this event are Jordana Lain (C’24) and Mathew Norris (C’24).

Lain mentioned that students may enjoy Casino Night because it gives them something “to participate in and test their luck.” Lots of students came down to the PAC to try to win some of the prizes up for grabs including an iPad mini and a Yeti Cooler.

The PAC was lit up with purple lights and there were various table games set up for students to partake in. Each table was set up with a dealer or worker, depending on the game. Matt D’Ercole who was one of the people from Always Fun Casinos, the company the AMP worked with for this event, said working with college students is one of his favorite things to do vocalizing that “the college events are the fun ones.”

The night also showcased some colorful cupcakes and a few mocktails including Lemon Drop, Shirley Temple and Moscow Mule that many students were enjoying while watching and playing the table games. Even when students were not playing, they were able to hang out and talk to friends in a relaxed but fun environment.

Two students, Emma Spring (C’25) and Grace Madigan (C’25), had a great time with their friends. Spring mentioned that all the events held at the Mount are “really different which is nice.” There is always something fun happening most weeks and as Madigan vocalized that the events are a great opportunity for her and her friends to “hang out in a not school environment” which is refreshing after a long week of classes.

In the past, the event was held at a different location on campus, D’Ercole much preferred the PAC, mainly due to the lack of steps to carry all the game tables up he joked. The PAC is almost always the location where events such as Casino Night are held due to its versatility, size and it showcases all the fun activities already present at the PAC. Not only that but the garage-like doors at the PAC allow for many events to be mask-free which is a big plus when students are trying to connect with one another, though it was not open for this event.

Casino Night was a great opportunity for students to reconnect following Fall Break where most went back home. Since classes started on Monday not many students were able to take time to get back together with their friends and catch up on everything they did during their time off. It was a great way to get back into the groove of things and to start off the first weekend back at Mount.


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