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  • Steven Morano

Adams Wins NEC Pitcher of the Week

Cooper Adams photographed by Kelly Blanco

On March 20, Mount St. Mary’s faced off against Georgetown University in the last game of a three game out of conference series. Mount won 3-1 in a close contest between the two teams. Mount senior, Cooper Adams, who threw a complete game, only allowed one earned run and struck out ten of Georgetown’s batters. This performance could be the start of something special for the Mountaineers, as the team welcomed new head coach, Frank Leoni from William & Mary earlier this season.

When asked about Adam’s performance against Georgetown specifically, Leoni said, “We're trying to develop our guys into competitors, whether on the mound or otherwise. That said, it's huge to get a pitching performance where we don't need to use the bullpen. In those cases, obviously, it's due to the pitcher's ability to command and attack the opposition on our terms. That's what we saw this past weekend. The more guys we can get those types of performances, the higher the trust factor increases.”

It is specifically the performances by pitchers deep into games that Leoni highlights here. When asked about pitching long into games, Adams said, “It was a great feeling to be able to start and finish that game especially against a great opponent like Georgetown. As a team we knew we needed to go out and compete and it was great to be able to help the team out and get a win!”

Going deep into games is good for a pitcher’s ERA, especially when you only give up one run through nine innings. On that Adams said, “Games like that can help the stats but I think my focus and the teams is to go out and compete to win games and bring our best selves to the field each day.”

Mount opens their NEC conference play with a series away at Farleigh Dickinson University on March 25. On the importance of the starting rotation against FDU, Leoni said, “FDU will be well prepared for us, but our goal always remains the same. Concentrate on how we play not who we play. If we do that, including the pitchers, we should be in good shape.” Adams added, “We are really looking forward to conference play and this weekend's series against FDU. I think as a team we are ready for the competition and ready to show the NEC what the Mount can really do!”

The Mountaineers are hoping to turn the season around after an amazing outing by Cooper Adams. Only time will tell if the team can start getting in the win column and go on a run.


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