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  • Jonathan Newton

A Mountaineer Mountaineering

As I complete my Master in Business Administration from Mount St. Mary's, I would like to say that when I left Salisbury University with a degree in Management, many of my peers would work for their family-run businesses, or some found their way into sales.

For myself, my path allowed me to design a career where I used the enduring principles that I learned from a teaching college with a business school that emphasized ethical leadership. As a result, I changed industries three times during my professional career, achieving a dream of becoming a member of ownership. I applied every discipline that I learned as a transfer student from a community college.

Management by nature and tone is a marathon of life pursuits and not the defining characteristic. My story went from a warehouse clerk filling chemicals after college to supporting a congeneric assumption in a horizontal merger by an international health care equipment provider, as well the placement of many of its employees because of the goodwill we were able to establish before the acquisition, to get a chance to do something even more exciting: Sitting in the chair of a family-owned boatyard, who's business owner's mom taught the accountancy skills of being a secretary because her mom sent her to school to learn business. The mentees of Alex's mom helped expand my understanding of accountancy I started during one of my internships. Their discipline to their craft showed me the flow of numbers through the financial reports of a multi-million-dollar operation, serving the local community and putting food on the table for families since before the Civil War.

The hours that this on-the-job education required needed that I apply a pace of 70 plus hours over those nine years. The friends and relationships that I developed during that time were equally instrumental in developing myself as a person and professionally. I cannot say why some marriages cannot make the test here on earth. After my separation from my former wife, I took time off to think about what I wish to contribute to others while here.

Working for smaller business enterprises as I developed my skills also came at a compromise. What savings and investments I had, were gone within 18 months of looking for work. The DC area is complex for those who do not have institutional expertise. During that time, I returned to study the disciplines of accounting and finance. I backfilled those skills and learned that I also enjoy reading books. These self-improvements were all to prepare me for what I knew by prayer that an MBA from The Mount would be a multibasketing opportunity to grow in faith, service, skill and understanding.

When I came across Mount St. Mary's University while seeking God's hand in my acceptance of serving Him, I was still searching for the person I have yet to become. Without the spiritual component in professional development, which I believe is servant leadership, I would be an incomplete human.

During the past three years, my education has been another way to talk about management. This is because when I looked at some of my leadership grades, I had nine years of healthy, continuous improvements professionally and in the community. I could not understand the meaning of failing extended-introductory management courses, even making appointments with the writing lab to make timely submissions in a seven-week course.

I liquidated everything to achieve my MBA, not having the ability to afford a roof above me, leveraging federal student aid, having the Bolte School of Business pay for the books, and ultimately moving back in with my parents at age 37 and under their rules. This includes humility when I think of what others struggle with and that I am lucky and thankful. Faith is required every day and every interaction, especially when God witnesses a person's devotion, where all things are thanks because of him. I can reflect and say that I am very blessed to listen to my calling and came to The Mount to further my business acumen.

I had a chance to get to know many undergraduates through the One-year MBA and to those in interdisciplinary programs, non-business majors, and other disciplines in business, like, Management. In addition, many in the MBA program were fifth-year athletes or graduates from the prior spring commencement.

Being a person who is a modified learner, historically, I performed less than adequately in academic measurements. However, the support and love of my family and the faith that God provides is a prevailing instinct that helped me set the levers for my growth. And this has been very much part because of the strong mentorships that I have been blessed to receive.

Suppose it was for me to have returned to my academic pursuit sooner or taken the time I needed to prepare the disciplines that my journey required. In that case, I do not believe that I would be able to say that God knew me, walked with me, and supported me. With the knowledge I have gained, the language of business, though often described as financial analysis, is intermediate accounting 1 & 2, emphasizing an understanding of what is occurring with the financial information. This requires full faith in the value that the details misstated are because of human error. My understanding of this is thanks to someone who thinks very highly of being a legacy of his family's business and law schools: Aaron, thank you for all of those evenings putting together analytics and supporting operational and data analysis in Excel to get on the radar of private equity for the sale of the durable medical equipment company. I know that this marketing mechanism also helped mentor Amelia, who has become a superb residential Realtor.

As I look forward to achieving a master's degree in analytics, the inclusive learning environment that I know and believe about Mount St. Mary's University may be the right thing to support your future pathways. From an investment perspective, what I did not know then, because of what could be attributed to this or that, if I took those accounting courses, I would have been likely working in a market like D.C. and consulting and making valuations of businesses. But because I couldn't speak with the authority of the subject matter to a mentor, when something as seemingly indifferent between when a cost pool payments that's distributed over four years instead of three would have improved the enterprises' valuation and put another million or more in ownership's hands. So, summarily, when impressions speak, then that was a do not tell that to Yoav or Jorge or the Board.

Therefore, even when growing at a pace two or three times the market, inflation occurs. And without that tug on life by God, I doubt that without my faith, I would have ever had the chance to meet an education that has given me so much. Thanks so much for helping to get me started with a smaller business enterprise strategy program that encourages community engagement initiatives by offering advice and guidance on what an organization can regenerate when it cultivates day-after-day success.


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