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  • Antonio Chaurand

Women’s Lacrosse Dominating in Five Game Winning Streak

The Mount St. Mary’s Women’s Lacrosse team has been on fire during the month of April. All five games this month have resulted in wins, and in dominating fashion. After a mediocre record of 6-4 through the first 10 games, the Mountaineers have really turned it on. Now sitting at 11-4, this gritty and physical lacrosse team is rounding into superb form.

Earlier on in the season, the Mount faced non-conference competition for their first nine games. The first NEC matchup did not happen till the tenth game of the season, which was a loss against Bryant. Sophia Culmone (C’23), spoke on how the team was able to improve midseason, “I think it really just gets more serious once you get into conference. I think it was kind of a wake-up call when we lost to Bryant, like hey, we can’t lose again if we want to be successful. We need to keep winning in conference.”

This mentality pushed Mount St. Mary’s to not lose a single game since that Bryant loss on March 26. Over this five-game win streak, the Mountaineers have outscored opponents by 7.6 goals each game. The team has also averaged 14.4 goals over this stretch, due in large part to the offensive fire power driven by Zoe Hurlburt (C’22) and Dani Donoghue (C’23), who have a combined 74 goals through 14 games.

It is important to mention how the team is not only producing on the offensive side of the ball, but also on the defensive side. Through these past five games, the Mount has only allowed 6.8 goals per game. Culmone went into more about how important it is to dominate not just the offense, but defense as well, “Defense plays a big role into it. Our defensive goal is we try to keep our teams to as little goals as possible. It also matters in the long run…it could come down to goals against, so it really matters in conference.”

Bryant is currently sitting at first in the conference. With a 10-3 overall record, and a perfect 6-0 in the NEC, it is looking like they will be hosting the playoffs. With two games left in the season, the Bulldogs will have to lose both of those games and the Mountaineers must win their last two games in order to take the one seed. Regardless of these slim chances, the Mount is fully confident in going on the road to face Bryant on their home turf if they end up meeting in the conference championship.

It is clear that this Mount team is rolling. With two games left in the season, they are looking to finish strong and end up in one of the two top seeds in the conference. This team is looking to repeat as NEC champions, and they are fully capable of doing so. The offense is overwhelming, the defense is suffocating and the winning mentality is infectious. These are all the qualities that make up a championship team, and these Mountaineers fit that mold to a tee.

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