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  • Elvis Trujillo

Vaccination Mandate: President Biden or Dictator Biden?

On Sept. 16, President Joe Biden announced that he would enforce strict vaccine mandates upon millions of Americans, businesses and federal employees. This comes as COVID-19 cases surge due to variants. Many citizens from all sides of the political spectrum have voiced support and others have expressed blatant criticism. Tension all over the country has increased due to effects of the virus, such as overcrowding and overreaching capacities in hospitals, economic burden and lack of empathy between citizens. Should we applaud Biden? I do believe all people should get vaccinated, but I do not think vaccinations should be a requirement.

In a struggle of almost two years, the COVID-19 pandemic is still tearing apart communities in all parts of the world and it is not getting better. Cases have been going up lately. Since June, cases have increased twenty-fold and they are not stopping. As variants rage across the nation, Biden has taken strict steps to decrease cases and deaths. While his intentions and aspirations are to drop cases and deaths by mandating vaccines, he is committing a big mistake that will have long-term effects not just to his presidency, but to his political party.

As Biden gears up to enforce the mandate, Republicans in positions of power all throughout the country have expressed disdain. Some Republican-controlled states have gone as far as to write a letter threatening to sue the federal government. Biden has publicly criticized unvaccinated individuals and state governments that have impeded the ability to lower cases. The problem with Biden’s mandate is that it gives the government too much power. I do not see a requirement for the flu shot. Biden has placed a mandate on businesses that have more than 100 people and with heavy fines that start in the $50,000 range and go up all the way up to the high six figures of $700,000. This is detrimental to businesses because one employee can mess up years’ worth of profits earned. Not only do these profits make the company grow, but they also help the community directly and indirectly.

If fines keep getting higher and if businesses do get fined, then communities will suffer. A business provides jobs to a city. If a retail store like Target were to move from another state into Baltimore, a building would need to be built. The building construction requires contractors, architects, engineers and inspectors’ jobs. The company also needs to hire workers. Workers need to be paid and these same workers contribute money back into the economy. But, if the government keeps slapping fines on companies, there is less incentive to expand, grow and get new employees because businesses do not want to get abused by the government. If it gets to a critical situation, businesses will have to declare bankruptcy.

American citizens have a moral obligation to help those who are in desperate need of help. People who live in America need to get vaccinated. If they do not, then they are part of the problem. This country needs empathy. As a country this pandemic must bring out the best of us. Therefore, Americans cannot let companies die. There is a solution, and it is to get vaccinated willingly.


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