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  • Gabrielle Stine

Taste of the Tropics with Caribbean Culture Club

Gabrielle Stine

The Horning Tower classroom was alive with tropical tunes and tastes on the evening of Nov. 14, as the Mount’s Caribbean Culture Club hosted a mocktail tasting event. While the Tri-C officers were hard at work mixing up fruity drinks, club members and students alike painted on mini canvases and sipped on the flavors of the Caribbean.

Tri-C Vice President Kaitlyn Diaz said that the purpose of the event was “to educate students in the Mount community about different drinks around the Caribbean.”

As students tried the fruity flavors, members of the council would explain the drinks’ origins in the Caribbean, explaining what the drink means to people today and what it is used to symbolize or celebrate. “They’ll get a little intel on country favorites, personal favorites,” Diaz explained, “and also why the drink was derived from that country specifically.”

Diaz predicted that the Puerto Colada (or the piña colada as it is more commonly known) would be a fan favorite of the night. She spoke in front of the club to tell how the drink is traditionally crafted, and how it even has its own day on July 10, known as Piña Colada Day.

Beyond the Puerto Colada, the council offered the Vivir Sonando, the Sunset Splash and the Island Sky to complete the night’s menu. The officers blended up delicious combinations of pineapple, cream of coconut, lime, orange juice, coconut water, lemon juice, mango juice and more to bring a taste of the Caribbean to the Mount.

With both club members and curious students attending the mocktail tasting event, the officers expressed their hopes to grow Tri-C’s membership and interest among students. President Kennedy Tyme hopes that everyone enjoyed getting to learn about their cultures, saying that she hopes “we can continue to bring events like this to the Mount.”

Diaz also shared a message for all students looking to get involved around campus. “Come join the Caribbean Culture Club,” she expressed, “it’s amazing.” “We’re fun, loving and we’re all a family,” Diaz shared about the atmosphere of the Caribbean Culture Club.

The Caribbean Culture Club’s mocktail tasting event provided a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that allowed students to learn more about the Caribbean culture, while also having fun and trying tasty new drinks.

If students are interested in learning more about the tunes, tastes and culture of the Caribbean, then Tri-C is the club to join. As part of the Center for Student Diversity, interested students can reach out to learn more about what Tri-C has to offer for everyone.

Photo by: Kelly Blanco

Students enjoying the Caribbean Culture Club mocktail tasting event.


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