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  • Ryen Sakyi

Students Getting Pumped with Tri-C Zumba and ASA

Ryen Sakyi

The first week of April was eventful for the Mount. With spring’s warmer weather came fun cultural activities, hosted by Caribbean Culture Club (Tri-C) and African Student Association (ASA).

Tri-C kicked off the week on Tuesday, April 2 with a Soca Zumba fitness workshop event. Students showed up in their workout gear, some of it bright and colorful, to bring their moves to the dance floor in the PAC. There was a Zumba instructor to guide the students in the dance moves. 

Soca is music and dance from Trinidad and Tobago. It derives from African and Indian rhythms and beats. President of Tri-C, Kennedy Tyme (C’24) explained that “Soca is a mixture of still beats, drums and tambourines and a different tempo than traditional Calypso music.”

The Soca Zumba is also meant to kick off Tri-C’s upcoming carnival. Tyme said that with the Soca Zumba “people can get in tuned with tempo dances and the culture” before the carnival.

Tri-C’s SGA representative Reginald “Reggie” Hankins (C’24) shared that one of his favorite Soca songs is Sweet Micky’s “I don’t care.” When talking about his favorite Soca dance moves, he said “The most common one is when two people sway with each other, it is almost like a wine (Caribbean dance move).” 

Hankins said that he wants Tri-C to let people know “we have great vibes and great food in the Caribbean and the music is a 10 out of 10.” Everyone at the event dancing and having fun proved that the music is a 10 out of 10. 

Tri-C had a groovy event while ASA had a fashionable and delicious event on Saturday, April 6. ASA had a Y2K Nollywood theme cookout. The grill was so hot it was on fire, and so was the food. Hot dogs, burgers, veggie burgers, snacks and drinks were available at the cookout. Everybody dressed up in their best Y2K outfits, and African music was playing.

ASA Officer of Public Relations Kenawaq “Kenny” Abose (C’26), informed, “We went with Nollywood Y2K because we really like the theme. Every time we have a theme for our events, everybody shows up and goes along with it pretty nicely.” 

Abose added, “This event was possible from all of us pitching in together and making sure that we had this event organized way beforehand since we already have a lot to juggle with the ASA Golden Gala coming up soon.”

A lot of people wanted to eat and dress up, so yes, the event went outstanding and was perfectly planned by the ASA board.

Students had lots to say about the enjoyment of the event. Sarah “Sally” Nichols (C’24) said she came to the event for free food. The smell of the grill enticed her and other students.

Gabrielle Kennerly (C’27) came to the event to “embrace African culture and support ASA.” Kennerly showed her support and embrace by coming in her exceptional Y2K outfit. Regarding her outfit inspiration she said, “I was very stylish when I was a young child, and I wore a lot of things with sparkles and stars on it so that inspired my outfit.”

Both Tri-C and ASA bought bright and lively culture to the Mount to celebrate a bright and lively spring.


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