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  • Emily Cowan

Scary Movie Night

Photo Credit: Jojo Koffi Aka

On Oct. 30 at 9 p.m., in the Palmieri Activities Center, the Activities Management Program held a Scary Movie Night. There were a variety of snacks and candies for students to enjoy for the night as well. Rachel Warren (C’24) and Madison Prudnick (C’24), members of AMP, put the Scary Movie Night together as well as the previous movie night. It took Warren and Prudnick a few days to plan the event.

There were events throughout the week for students to enjoy, but the AMP members tried to keep the smaller events on school nights so students could still attend without it interfering with their schedules and work. Scary Movie Night was one of the two larger and longer events that were saved for the weekend.

The PAC was lit up and decorated for the occasion to help put students in the mood for the Halloween festivities. Unlike the previous movie night, the movie was R-rated, but there was still consideration of the students when choosing what movie was going to be shown.

The movie being featured was “The Hunt” and was shown on all the screens at the PAC. The movie was recommended to Warren and Prudnick by another AMP member. After watching the trailer, the two decided it was perfect “because it was still a scary movie without being super scary, so all students can come watch it.”

While some students can watch more intense horror movies than others, it was smart to play a movie that would entice a wide range of students to come watch. Warren believes that many students enjoy the opportunity to watch movies on the big screens in the PAC while also getting to enjoy free snacks. It is also “a great way to bring the community together!”

Some of the snacks offered were popcorn and candy much like the previous movie night. There was also a raffle going on along with the movie for 55” smart tv to entice students.

The events throughout the week leading up to the movie night and the cool fall weather put the students in the mood to relax and enjoy a night with their friends. The turnout was greater than that of the last movie night which could also be because there were far more students on campus than there were for the previous one. Aaliyah Ferguson (C’25) said, “It was nice to be able to have a fun way to incorporate Halloween into a way everyone could come together and have a good time.”

It will be exciting to see what AMP is planning for the holidays and upcoming weekends and how those events will bring the students together to have a fun time. Hopefully there will be more movie nights to highlight the PAC and all it has to offer to the students in their post-remote-learning college semester.


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