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  • Ryen Sakyi

Pageant Perfection: BSU's Annual Celebration of Beauty

Ryen Sakyi

On April 21 the Black Student Union held their annual Pageant and Fashion Show. The judges are last year's BSU President and faculty members who previously worked with BSU. The event was hosted by different members of diversity clubs here at the Mount.   

This year's event theme was “love”. BSU president Storm Douglas said, “I have conquered many trials and tribulations that resulted in putting love in action.

Love is such a powerful, complex, yet simple emotion that can be dissected for hours. I like to call the show my love letter to the Mount because, despite my hardships, all I feel is love when I look at the people here, and I walk among them.”  

The First event of the evening was the Pageant show. Six different young women were contestants to win the show. There were three rounds to show how each female student was the best candidate to win.

The first round was about their career and major. So, contestants dressed up like their future career. The second round was about their culture. In the third round, contestants wore evening gowns to show grace and beauty.

The winner of all the rounds was picked to be Ms. Mount for this school year. This year, Ms. Mount is Garcelle Pierre (C’25).  

The second event of the evening was the fashion show. Where club members of the BSU, both men and women, would become models and catwalk to show off their fashionable outfits. The rounds of the fashion show consisted of different themed outfits.

 These outfits were denim, different colors such as pink and red, heartbreak, accessories and furs, personal designs by students and finally airbrushed designed outfits. 

During some rounds, the models would show different types of love through their catwalk performances. This was not just a representation of romantic love but friendship as well.

BSU planned this event with hard work and dedication, with a lot of networking with different organizations on campus. This event was amazing with theatrical production, color decoration and hard-working pageant contestants and fashion show models.

Overall, this event was planned excellently by the BSU president, all of the BSU members and other members of different diversity and inclusion clubs here at the Mount.  


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