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  • Joanna Kreke

Oscars 2022: What is and What Ought to Be

On March 26, “Tick, Tick… Boom” was snubbed and also the Academy Awards took place. It was hosted by Regina Hall, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes.

I am grateful that the movie “Don’t Look Up” didn’t win anything. If it won Best Picture, it would have been a “Crash” situation all over again. It had one good scene that made the movie decent. In “Crash,” it was the scene when the Michael Peña’s daughter jumps in front of him when the store owner shoots at him. In “Don’t Look Up,” it was the ending when the world blows up.

Kirsten Stewart should have won Best Actress in her role of Diana in “Spencer.” This is a personal preference and I have nothing against Jessica Chastin. She probably did a good job, I just think it is time for the world to acknowledge Kristen Stewart as the incredible actress she is.

“Dos Oruguitas” from Disney’s “Encanto” should have won Best Original Song. How did that song from that James Bond movie win over one of the most heart-wrenching, soul-crushing scenes that Disney has created since the first ten minutes of “Up?”

Andrew Garfield should have won Best Actor in his role of Jonathon Larson in “Tick, Tick… Boom.” It’s not because I think the other actors did not do as well as Andrew Garfield. The other actors played their characters, but Andrew Garfield was Jonathon Larson.

“Dune” or “West Side Story” should have won Best Costume Design. The costumes in “Cruella” were good, but they didn’t follow the actual character of Cruella De Vil in the “101 Dalmatians” movies. The 2021 movie showed her to be rebellious of the fashion industry and its elitism; however, in the live-action movies and in the original movies, Cruella is portrayed as someone who not only values the elitism of the industry, but also prospers from it. This is highlighted through her obsession with fur. Fur is a perfect symbolism of it as it is extremely difficult for people in lower socio-economic backgrounds to acquire it and both real and faux fur are bad for the environment. To have Cruella rebelling against the system and then in a few decades succumb to it, feels out of character for all versions of her.

I agree or understand the other wins.

In other news, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.


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