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  • Elvis Trujillo

Mount St. Mary’s Men’s Soccer Falls to UMBC

The Mount Men's Soccer team lost 2-1 in a thrilling overtime match against University of Maryland Baltimore Campus on Sept. 14. The game started at 7 p.m. and was hosted by the UMBC at Baltimore's Retriever Soccer Park on the Retriever's main campus. The attendance was 814, making it the most attended game of the season for the Mountaineers. With this loss, the Mount has lost four straight games.

At the start of the match, UMBC already had one shot on goal within the first few minutes of the starting whistle. UMBC Forward Taylor Calheira shot the ball at the bottom center, which Mount keeper Ethan Russell saved. A few moments after the first attempt on goal, UMBC Midfielder William Forby had a crack at the goal. It was shot at the same spot as the first attempt and the same result.

In the fourth minute of the match, the Mountaineers got their first attempt at a corner kick. The attempt was unsuccessful, but the Mount would continue their pressure. Two minutes after the unsuccessful corner, Mount Forward Alek Wroblewski took his first shot at the goal; it was far-right.

The following 30 minutes of the match resulted in both teams exchanging shots on goal, none, successful. Then, in the 35th minute, UMBC Forward Tayler Calheira scored the first goal of the match. UMBC Defender Julian Conze assisted the goal.

Following the goal, just seven minutes later, Mount Midfielder Karamo Bah received a yellow card. This was the last piece of the action before the whistle blew, ending the first half.

At the end of the first half, the Mount had two shot attempts while UMBC had 11. Mount Goalkeeper Ethan Russell kept the came close with his five saves in the first half.

The game was still in arms reach, despite the goal attempt differential.

The second half commenced and both teams decided to make some changes. UMBC made three substitutions, while the Mount made six. Both teams were hoping to see success with these adjustments. The second yellow card of the game was given to UMBC Defender Jago Lott in the 48th minute. The match became even more chippy, with multiple cards being booked to more players on both teams. Between the 58th and 61st minute, both UMBC Midfielders William Fordy and Dillon Nesteruk received yellow cards. Mount Forward Alex Wroblewski also received a yellow card.

The match escalated in the 88th minute when Mount Forward Alek Wroblewski scored a goal tying the game at an even 1-1. The match was tied at the end of regulation, and it was time for overtime Baltimore.

At the start of overtime, Mount goal scorer Alek Wroblewski was subbed out for forwarding Cavan Fernandes. UMBC came out and had two shots at goal within the first three minutes of overtime. Then in the 94th minute, Forward Taylor Calheira scored the winning goal. Defender Julian Conze assisted the goal.

Despite the loss, Assistant Coach Trevor Singer stated, "We did well in the second half against UMBC. We were unfortunate not to come out away with at least a point. We have to do a better job in the final third and finish our chances. It was a good game against a local rival. I anticipate games against them in the future will be very competitive."

The Mount looks to build momentum on their successful performance in the match's second half to the next opponent. The next game will be against the University of Penn on Sept. 17.


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