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  • Gabrielle Hendricks

Mount MSL Successes

Gabrielle Hendricks

On April 13, the Mount’s Maryland Student Legislator (MSL) Club attended the Maryland Student Legislator’s 35th Annual Session at the Maryland State House in Annapolis.

Over 100 college students from 10 schools across the state attended the event. Mount students that attended the event include MSL President Carolyn Aguilar (C’26), Cheyenne McGowan (C’24), Jessenia Maldonado (C’24), Bruce Lenon-Mixco (C’24), Austin Simons (C’24), Antonio Luna (C’25), Kimberly Dayato (C’25), Michelle Egharevba (C’25), Eryka Gavua (C’26) and Afua Adamu (C’26). 

Maryland Student Legislator is a club where students learn how to write and propose bills and network with other delegates in Maryland. At the Annual Session, all three bills proposed by Mount students were passed. 

A bill titled Availability of Established Interpreters in Prince George’s and Montgomery County Public Schools was sponsored by Aguilar and cosponsored by Maldonado, Simons and Lenon-Mixco.

The bill was for accommodating the counties’ linguistically diverse population of students and parents. Prince George’s County and Montgomery County have significant Hispanic populations, so a bill like this benefits the development and education of current and future students in those areas.

One bill titled the State Scholarship to Support Students in Studying Maryland’s Political History was sponsored by Lenon-Mixco.

His bill is for the purpose of providing a scholarship to incentivize prospective historian and political scientist undergraduate students live in Maryland and are enrolled in Maryland universities to dedicate their capstone, thesis or honors projects toward any aspect of Maryland’s political history.

As a history major, Lenon-Mixco found passion in drafting this bill. Students in the club can have bills passed that suit their desires and help other students Maryland like them.

Another bill that passed is titled Maryland Public Transport Connectivity Act. It was sponsored by a delegate named Mohammad Arshad and cosponsored by McGowan and Luna. The bill is to enhance public transportation infrastructure and connectivity across Maryland.

The bill proposed improving access for residents in small cities and towns to metropolitan areas and establishing a public transportation commission to oversee the planning. Maryland is a mixture of large cities and rural areas, and many people in the state have government jobs as it is close to Washington, D.C.

A bill like this can help rural Maryland residents without means to a car have affordable access to jobs and opportunities in the larger cities.

Congratulations to MSL for getting their bills passed, the creation of their bills carry out the University’s mission of being ethical leaders in service to God and others.


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