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  • Maria Diaz

Martin Luther King Jr Reading Resonates Through Mount

Maria Diaz

On Jan. 16, the annual Martin Luther King Jr. readings happened in Patriot Hall during the dinner hour from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. The event consisted of introductions and readings from Mount students and professors speaking some of King’s sermons including “God is Able,” Transformed Non-Conformist,” “Loving Your Enemies” and “The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life.”

Dr. Susan Samples and Dr. Love Sechrest led kind introductions highlighting and noting some of King’s accomplishments. Following these introductions, sermons were read by Mr. Kevin Turner, Mr. Darrien Coates and President Trainor.

The event occurred at a popular time for students to eat dinner, meaning it captured the attention of many. When asked about the significance of the event, Alize Michaud (C’26) responds, “To remind people why we celebrate Martin Luther King Day.” Each of the speakers took time to relay King’s messages to the students to note his impact on the student body.

As this is a recurring event, Dr. David McCarthy noted that this is only the second year the Mount has put this event together. McCarthy notes that there once was a time when the Mount did not celebrate Martin Luther King Day and there were classes, but this event was created to note the legacy of King as well as his impact on several Mount values.

This event highlighted the importance of remembering King’s landmark of overcoming racial injustice and promoting equality as well as serving as a reminder to treat everyone with both respect and kindness.

Many students wonder why the event took place in Patriot Hall during the dinner hour. McCarthy states, “We basically went to a place we thought students would be rather than trying to get students to where we are.” He continues, “Even if people walk through Patriot to pick up their food and go out, they remember the day.” As Patriot Hall dines a numerous amount of Mount students, many had the privilege of experiencing all or some of King’s sermon readings.

McCarthy concludes by saying, “Sometimes you do things just because they are good.” This is a common theme presented to inspire Mount students while the sermons resonate through all.


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