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  • Christian Myers

Heritage of Great Alum

Christian Myers

On Oct. 29, 2023, Patrick Rooney, son of Pittsburgh Steelers founder Arthur J. Rooney, as well as being one of the top benefactors at the Mount, passed away at the age of 84.

Rooney was a 1960 graduate of Mount Saint Mary’s University, attending the school with his twin brother John. Rooney majored in history at the Mount, as well as being a part of the tennis team and was awarded the role of captain in his senior year.

With the first phase of the Rooney Athletic Performance Center project, six new state-of-the-art tennis courts are complete. The multi-phase project is made possible by a $6 million transformational gift from the twin Rooney brothers to promote growth and enhanced performances for the Mount’s NCAA Division I Athletic program, the Intramural Sports program and recreational opportunities for all students.

His contributions have and will continue to provide the Mount with a more advanced and inclusive sports program.

A Catholic funeral procession and mass was held for Rooney at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, on Saturday, Nov. 4. May Rooney be at peace and his legacy be remembered across the Mount community and the rest of the world for many years to come.

Alums like Rooney set the precedent for future ethical leaders from the Mount, such as the business students.

On Nov. 2, business majors from the Class of 2024 attended a signing ceremony a long-standing tradition here at the Mount.

Business majors are highly encouraged to take a pledge before graduating, promising to live ethical lives in their fields.

A speech was given to the students by Laurence Downes, retired CEO of NJ Resources, an energy company located in New Jersey. Following his speech, Boyd Creasman Ph.D., the current Provost of the Mount, gave insights into ethics and how they relate to a university perspective. The business majors repeated back an oath dedicating their life to virtue and accepting their responsibilities, not only thinking about the profits in things but also how it affects people in their communities.

This event is longstanding at the Mount, and the world will become a better place because of ethical business practices, as well as the hard work and dedication from the successful business majors at the university. This tradition will continue for many years, leading to a better and more ethical time in different business ventures.


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