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  • Steven Morano

Gilchrist Receives Accolades in Track and Field

Richard Gilchrist (C'23) - Photo credit: Abigail Finafrock

On Feb. 8, Richard Gilchrist (C’23) was named the Northeastern Conference’s co-track athlete of the week. Along with this, at the NEC meet, Gilchrist became the 60-meter hurdle champion and set a new school record in the 60-meter hurdles at 7.94 seconds. This was a record he recently tied (7.97 seconds) at the Akron Invitationals, the meet where he was awarded the co-track athlete of the week.

On this note of being awarded co-tack athlete of the week, Gilchrist said, “It felt amazing, this is my comeback season after being out for two years recovering from a multi ligament ACL and LCL knee surgery so to come back and tie the school record and be recognized for my accomplishments throughout the season is an absolute blessing.” About the performances that led up to this award, Gilchrist said, “I think tying the indoor school record in the 60MH was the main performance that really showed that I deserved the award for that week. Many don’t know my story and to recovery from and injury that some never fully do and return and compete so well was a performance that deserved to be recognized.”

For Gilchrist, this award meant a lot to him and has shown that his hard work in recovery has paid off, saying, “I’ve worked so hard for over the years, as for the rest of my season there is so much more to be done. The first being actually breaking the school record and continuing on my path of success and hopefully obtaining many more athletic awards.”

Jay Philips is the director of the Track & Field program as well as Gilchrist’s coach on the hurdles side of the track team talked about Gilchrist’s career at Mount St. Mary’s leading up to this point. “Richard came in this semester, he came in already in shape.” Philips said. “We’re learning each other, we don’t have to re-invent the wheel. He knows how to hurdle and how to win races, for us it’s about building a context for him to be successful.”

He commented on what the rest of the season held for Gilchrist, saying, “I think this just reinforced for all of us that Richard coming to the Mount was a great decision for everyone. He’s not done, it’s going to be a fun spring semester and an awesome year next year.”

Gilchrist has come along way this season with regards to recovering from injury. Dealing with injuries to both his ACL and LCL, Gilchrist said, “It’s been a long 12 months of Physical therapy and recovery and all in the middle of that I just recently transferred here to the Mount this semester, so in preparing myself I worked with my old coach and current coach to pull everything I’ve learned over the years together and execute each and every race I compete in.”

The accolades Gilchrist has achieved in spite of his injury is truly remarkable. Being named NEC player of the week is one thing, but having a record etched in the school records books is something that can stay for years to come. Gilchrist has proven that no matter the setback, hard work and determination will always be key to triumph and success.


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