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  • Emily Cowan

Fun PACked Space

On Sept. 3 at 7 p.m. in the Palmieri Activity Center, the Activities Management Program held a campus movie night. A selection of snacks and drinks were set out for students on tables and in coolers. The movie night was intended to shine light on the PAC and all the exciting elements, such as the ping-pong tables and seating areas that many students are unaware of.

The PAC is a recreational facility on campus for students to gather and hang out. It is a large space to accommodate big groups and has various seating arrangements and tables for anything from casual gatherings to playing card games. There are two garage-like doors acting as a wall on one side that are often opened making it an almost-outdoor mask-free space.

AMP plans and holds many of the events on campus and the students predominantly run the organization. Interested new members are encouraged to join. There were applications set out on the day of the Block Party and there will be an information session soon. Many of the students who are a part of AMP also work at the PAC, where many of them meet and sometimes even recruit.

To bring the night itself to fruition, Rachel Warren (C’24) and Madison Prudnick (C’24), two members of AMP, first analyzed their budget to determine what they could do with it. Then they had to buy the rights of the movie, then buy the film itself and get snacks and drinks. The movie Warren and Prudnick chose was “The Goonies.” The film had to be G or PG to accommodate all students. They felt like it was “a classic that everyone would know and love.”

The movie was shown on every screen in the PAC to maximize both indoor and outdoor seating. Students who attended had a great time and appreciated AMP’s effort in creating a more enjoyable college experience.

Aalyia Ferguson (C’25) valued their efforts because, due to COVID-19, she “felt like we weren’t going to get to do anything… seeing that they’re still making that effort is very pleasing.” Her only critiques of the night were that it would have been fun to do a poll to determine which movie was chosen and spread the word a little more as many students didn’t know the event was happening. Overall, she had a great time.

Due to the Labor Day holiday and many students gone home, fewer people attended the event than average, but the students felt it was worth doing again, hopefully with more students.


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