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  • Caroline Wilcox

Dunkin’s New Offering is Love-Hate

Dunkin’ collaborated once again with TikTok star Charli D’Amelio to introduce the Charli Cold Foam. This cold foam differs from other coffee shops because you can now add Sweet Cold Foam to any other Dunkin’ iced beverages. Each time you order a coffee with Sweet Cold Foam in it, it will be served in a new special lid that can be used without a straw. The brand introduced three new flavors to try: Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam, Chocolate Stout Flavored Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam, and the Charli Cold Foam.

My friends and I decided to walk to the Dunkin’ located in Emmitsburg to try out the three new drinks that it had to offer. I got the Charli Cold Foam, which is a Cold Brew with three pumps of caramel, Sweet Cold Foam and cinnamon sugar. Erin O’Donnell (C’23) ordered the Cold Brew with Cold Foam, which has more of a vanilla flavor that really complements Dunkin’s Cold Brew.

Lastly, Jordan Butler (C’21) tried the Chocolate Stout with Cold Foam that is mocha flavored. When I took the first sip of the Charli Cold Foam, I was disappointed. It was lackluster! The flavor tasted like a watered-down iced coffee. It had hints of cinnamon and caramel in it, but I was so thrown off by the watery flavor that I could not look past. Butler, who tried the Chocolate Stout, enjoyed it a lot. She said that it tasted like a “fancy hot chocolate.” O’Donnell also really liked the Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam and said that she would definitely get it again.

When I tried a sip of both of the other flavors, they were both too sweet for me. It was to be expected that the new drinks would be sweet enough to attract teens and young adults. Call me a coffee critic, but unfortunately, I will not be purchasing a Charli Cold Foam beverage again. It was not worth it for me. I could not finish the drink, firstly because it was too sweet and secondly because the texture was not my favorite. I have heard both positive and negative reviews on the newest drinks at Dunkin’. Some love it, while others believe that it is just whipped cream from a can sprayed on top of your coffee. Give it a try and see what you think! Am I being too harsh? Or is it really just not that great?


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