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  • Maria Diaz

Community Editor's Farewell Letter to the Echo

Maria Diaz

For the past year-and-a half, I have had the opportunity to be an editor for the Echo. This experience sparked my interest in not only journalism, but also the world of editing.

This has been such a rewarding opportunity and since I graduate in Fall 2023, I am definitely going to miss being able to give back to the Mount community as community editor.

I originally joined the Echo as a staff writer after my interest had been sparked after I had some experience submitting work from various classes to the paper. I found that I had a passion for real, true storytelling about what goes on in the world.

The Mount has so much for students to get involved with and share, which is one thing that made my job as an editor so meaningful. This is where I really fell in the love with journalism.

My favorite part about being an editor was being able to read and learn more about what goes on at the Mount such as new clubs, organizations and events. This was my primary job as community editor: assigning and editing stories about what happens at the Mount.

It was always fun reading about so many fun events and organizations, and being able to deliver them in the paper for the Mount community to see was always a great part.

Aside from the actual editing itself, I always enjoyed seeing my writers’ progress as time went on. The progress they have made is unbelievable, and I really see the impact I made being able to guide them along the way.

This really made my job so impactful to me. Being able to see one’s progress which you helped influence is such a great feeling.

This position was the beginning of a wave of further editing positions I have pursed, including my full-time position as an editor after I graduate.

This position allowed me to work with students and faculty as well as learning more about them along the way.

To anyone who ever thinks about joining the Echo as a writer or aspiring editor, I highly recommend it as this position is the landmark which began my career.

I encourage any Mount student who is interested in this opportunity to just go for it. I hope others will be able to learn and grow as much as I did.

Photo by: Kelly Blanco

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