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Blessing of the Senior Class Pins

On April 5, the University held a ceremony at the Peace Plaza to bless the class of 2021 class pins. Fr. Martin Moran, the university’s Chaplain and Director of Campus Ministry, presided over the ceremony where the pins were blessed with holy water. This event kicks off graduation season for the senior class and begins the final month of school for not only the Class of 2021, but for all students and staff. There is an overall feeling of hope as community members look forward to a more normal semester in regards to both academics and COVID-19, which has had an impact on both personal and school lives.

Moran explained how the pinning ceremony usually occurs as a part of the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of the school year, which involves the Seminary’s class of Theologians as well. Because of COVID-19, the Mass of the Holy Spirit was not able to occur but the seniors still wanted to have a ceremony for their pins. Moran added, “We decided a week before they were to have the seniors starting to get together their invitations and events for graduation is to have a pinning ceremony out at the Peace Plaza.”

On the importance of this event to the class of 2021, Moran said that, “part of the language we use for the pinning ceremony is ‘thank you,’ where we celebrate those leaders of our campus and we ask that all you do is to be great role models and mentor for those under you, and to help share the Mount spirit and to help them to develop into living lives to which God has enabled.” Moran also added, “The blessing uses holy water and it is just a traditional blessing of the medals,” which makes the medals blessed and sacred sacramentals. “This is represented as a sign of their great love for being leaders of campus.”

With respect to graduation, Moran said, “I think it is starting to open the door to commencement as we are celebrating their leadership, but also we are celebrating the vital part they are to the University. I think in a very subtle way, it shows that we want to celebrate them, as students, but also celebrating those who are about to go into new adventures, new journeys and new events in their life.”

With about a month to go until the end of finals and therefore, graduation, this time could be spent as reflection for the senior class on their impact on the school over the last four years, but also what is to come in the future.


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