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  • Meghan Leavitt

Antisemitic or Anti-genocide in Gaza?: Owens v Daily Wire

Meghan Leavitt

The “controversial” Candace Owens recently got fired from the Daily Wire after getting into an argument with emeritus editor of the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, about the Israel-Hamas War.

CEO of the Daily Wire, Jeremy Boreing, posted on the social media page X regarding the situation with Owens. After it was shared, Owens reposted the post and stated that she “cannot be silenced.” Shapiro and Owens differing opinions stems from their conversations regarding the Israel-Hamas war. The way Owens described it to the media was that she was “finally free” and shared that she will continue to reveal more information regarding the issue.

Overall, Owens spoke out against Israel in the war which offended Shapiro. He is an Orthodox Jew who is very open about his religious beliefs and ideologies with the media. In the past, Shapiro and Owens have been two people to involve themselves in controversial topics as they are active on social media and on podcasts about their conservative viewpoints. It was a shock to see Owens get fired from the Daily Wire not just because of their relationship but because of their agreement on many topics.

When Shapiro was asked about Owens’ comments on the situation in Gaza, he described them as “disgraceful.” Most of these issues have not been discussed between them privately but taken onto social media platforms such as X and news stations such as Fox News and the Tucker Carlson Network.

Despite their former agreements, they have also had a few previous disagreements such as their stance on COVID-19 vaccines. They are two people who are very open about their opinions and have agreed that they enjoy having conversations about those topics. Owens made a statement about not caring about the differing opinions but in this case, it was not in favor of Owens.

While Owens opinion was controversial it is nothing out of the ordinary for her.     I am more surprised about the drama between her and Shapiro because of their shared opinions. Shapiro takes religion seriously and is the basis of his opinions and lifestyle. I can see where Shapiro would have been upset regarding the comments about Israel.

At this point in Owens career, she is used to getting hate for her strong versatile beliefs and is not affected by the hate that she has gotten for her recent comments regarding the Israel-Hamas War. I hope that Shapiro and Owens relationship will rekindle since they are two people who share remarkably similar opinions. Just like Owens, we all have our own beliefs and different things to say about the war.

She should not have been fired since she is one of the best things to happen to Daily Wire, but I also hope that she moves on to bigger and better things. No matter what people say, Owens will always share her opinion no matter how controversial. The Daily Wire will lose listeners and will never be the same without her.

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